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Five Layer Paperboard Production Line

Five Layer Paperborad Production Line


  • Configuration is alternative for different customers’ requirements. A standard production line can be engineered (add to reduce certain apparatus] according to actual production condition by customers.
  • Standard configurations Include hydraulic raw paper frame, pre-heater, external vacuum absorption single facer, double layer pasting machine dual-face machine, slitter and scorer, paperboard cutting machJne, crossover part for deltveiy (suspension bridge), paperboard recehrlngderlce (stackerand dellrerer) and so forth.
  • A production line is controlled by computerized system, including applications of motor qmchronous technology and digital monitor against working condition. Owing to HM【Inter&ce and digital display for linear velocity ofproduction line and space between rollers Jn single facers, operadon Is much friendly and convenLem.
  • It is also equipped with frequency conversion technology, retyclable oil lubricating system and retyclable paste application system, so tbatthe production bas environmental sense.
  • Reasemble structure and advanced design eDsure easy Installation and repair.
  • The medium for heating system canbe steam, gas or electrical heating tube.

The Corrugated Paper production line is comprised of the following parts: raw paper stand, heating tunned sin^e fecer corrugatJng machine, crane, multiphase pre-heater, folder ^ue machine, dual surface h的ting and forming machine, line pressing paper dividing machine, traverse cutler, stacking machine and boiler. The raw paper stand, passing throu^i the heating tunnel, vAiere th« paperls heated and the moisture Inside the paper 1$ adjusted Then the paper Is sent Into the sln^e facer corrugating device and Is corrugated and shape-formed, adhered to another paper, forming single facer corrugated paper. After that, by the crane the paper Is sent to pre-heated byihe multi-phase pre-heater. The ^ue putting madilne puts glue onto the paper, and the glued paper is sent to the dual smiace heating and forming machine, at this moment the final corrugated paper is formed and outputted contiiiuausly.

The formed paper then pass through the cutting and folding machine, wrtiere the paper Is longitudinally cut and press-fbldedL and traverse cut, finally formed rectan^B corrugated papers can be produced complete. At the end, corrugated paper Is stacked, assorted, and counted by the staddng machine, and you wfU see the final products outputted by this \^iole line continuously.

Technical Specifications
Model NWJ 5-100NWJ-145NWJ-165NWJ-185NWJ205NWJ-225
Width of feeding sheet (mm)14001600180020002200
Working linear velocity (m/mln)100-150
Maximum productivity (ma/8h)72000
Economical producttvtty (m2/8h)48000-57600