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Four Color Printer Rotary Die Cutter with Auto Stalker

Four Color Printer Rotary Die Cutter with Auto Stalker

Function of Printing Unit :

  • Steel Anilox (Ceramic anilox is optional)
  • Holding slot in the printing cylinder tofixtheflexo plate.
  • Computerized adjusting for the phase of the printer freely 3600 in running and stop.
  • Planetary gear constructer for phase to increase the life.
  • Brake is installed to keep the gears fixed when machine units moving.
  • Ivtemorized system for the printer.
  • The pmnting cylinder can be moved by computer in side way by Z0mm.
  • The anilox roll spearae automatically from printing plate when sheet is not feeded.
  • Electric elementadopts Schneider
  • Motor adopts reducer motor made in Taiwan.

Function of Slotting Unit :

  • The arbor and pressure line axie both adlpt hard twice precision grinding.
  • ThemstheMasSccorner-runingkn e.Thethird,KRh andseventhcardboarddon’tneedtobeaQusted.
  • Manual two – way self-locking is used to adjust clamping roller clearance, which makes the adjustment easier and faster.
  • The phase fixation adopts electromagnetic brake institution. When the machine and stage separate or adjusting the phase, keep the front knife plate fixed.
  • The touch displaying screen is equipped, which makes date setting and control easier.
  • Cutter line ball, manual synchronization left and right on moving and adjustable.

Function of Feeding Unit :

  • Absorption blower assist ahead orientation and automatic sending cardboard.
  • FrontbaSemanuaad)usonenpdiSshowing
  • Besidebaffle,behindbafflee1em icad]usunent.
  • Equipped with brush tosufficiently eliminate dust automatically and scraps as well as foreign substance on the printing surface to improve quality.
  • SMpfeed device 0 the connnuous feedoreveg other page leedopdons.

Function of Die Cutting Unit :

  • Die-cut0ng roller for the high quality steel materials, 30 mm thickness, balance correction, hard-chrome plating.
  • Wallboard for high-quality cast iron material, 50 mm thickness, and large processing center production.
  • Soft-roll automatic grinding institutions to pouches repeat usage, grinding 3-4 times.
  • Gne speed automatic compensaNon to ensure fat each bash ot cardboardboxesifiofd:eviehne
  • de-cutter rubber is from CHAONAI Taiwan,easy installation, use life of l2 million times.
  • Mechanical soft roll about 40 mm lateral movement, the pads wear uniform.
  • 40 cr material the use of grinding gearsfor 6,lownoise, long life.
  • Die-cutter roller use cylinder style automatic separate devrce, reduce pouches wear and tear.
  • Rotatory die cutter is driven by servo motor.